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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

This privacy policy has been formulated to assist users to understand how their personal information will be treated by when they visit the website, as objective is to make available a good experience and quality service to all users. Please note that may amend this policy from time to time without prior notice. Users are advised to check this Policy on regular basis. 

Types of Personally Identifiable Information Collected: 
At times, users may be required to give her/his personally identifiable information including, but not limited to, name, gender, email address, etc. 
Refusal to provide such information may deny user's access to certain parts of web site, or may render unable to handle any application or request user is making, or may otherwise defeat the objectives of the visit. 

Security: employs techniques to secure the Website. It is worth noting that such techniques do not guarantee that use of the Website is invulnerable to all security risks, nor does make any warranty, guarantee, or representation that use of the Website is protected from all viruses, worms, and other vulnerabilities. 


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